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• Apprentices

WG Jones Ltd have a strong policy on growth and building skills for the future.
Our policy is one of employing locally and making sure that skills in Aerospace manufacturing remain with us for the future.

We offer opportunities to young people every year and have been very successful in doing so for the last 7 years especially.
Over this period we have averaged an apprentice intake of 3.43 per year with a total of 24.
In 2014 alone, we had 36 applicants from which we interviewed 12 and selected 4.

We have 18 of the said apprentices still with us. Hence we believe we are a Company that will remain strong in skills and big on opportunity.



• Innovation

WG Jones Ltd has a policy of remaining as leaders in our field but are also always in touch with the changing world of manufacturing.
We do this by listening to our customers and staying close to all that is happening in our industry.

We are involved with ADS (the trade organisation advancing the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security
and Space industries.) We are represented on the ADS Collaborative Special Interest Group and the PDQ (Product Data Quality) Special Interest Group.
We are active members of WEAF (West of England Aerospace Forum) and attend meetings on innovation and organisation. We are presently involved
with the Project Management workshop, as part of the Employer ownership of Skills Project.We also attend many other, varied trade seminars.

We are in the advanced stages of our most recent innovation in Additive Manufacture, which we are strongly pursuing. Contact us for more details.